In-House Training

Excel recognises that not all standard training products fit with what customers need and so we offer our customers the cost-effective option of bringing our training in-house as well as customising it to meet the specific demands and needs of the organisation.

We can deliver any of the courses featured in our public calendar as an in-house training solution. Some courses, such as those focusing on Medical Devices, are only delivered in-house.

In-house training saves you time and money because our experienced Lead Auditor tutors come directly to you to deliver training at your own location and at your convenience.

Organised around your needs and timing, in-house training gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the specific issues affecting your operations and helps staff to share ideas and knowledge. This ensures the training course is adapted to the specific needs of the organisation so your staff can focus on the topics that are relevant to them and their roles within the company.

Our In-house team will work with you to deliver the right course at the right time at the right site - and at the right price. For a proposal, contact the In-house team to discuss your needs and options available.

The value of in-house training


You choose the date and location of the training course and we work with you to tailor the material to suit your needs.

Value for Money

In-house training can provide a cost-effective solution for delivering training to 4 or more delegates. Rather than paying an individual rate, a quotation for in-house training means that more people can be trained providing substantial cost benefits.

Meeting your Needs

As well as the flexibility of dates and cost, the value is also in our ability to build detailed discussion of your company issues into the course which would not be possible on a public progamme.

Experienced and Fun!

Management System standards are well known for being a dry topic! Our experienced auditor tutors not only have knowledge of the industry they are training in but the capability to capture the attention and interest of their audience, ensuring learning is fun, relevant and long-lasting.

"Thanks for your delivery of an excellent training course. I have received great feedback from all staff involved – it really did fit the bill." Mitsubishi Hardmetal UK Ltd

"Excel is very responsive to recognizing their customers’ needs. An enjoyable experience. My faith in external training has been rejuvenated. The tutor helped inspire confidence to take the practical skills forward and apply them in the workplace." SCA Tuscarora

"Another excellent course that met all our requirements." Henkel Loctite Adhesives Ltd