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“Going in deep to ISO 27001 was most useful” European GNSS Agency, Czech Republic (ISO 27001 Lead Auditor)

“Thank you very much! Thoroughly enjoyed this course! It was a very insightful introduction to the subject. Tutor was very pleasant, approachable and warm; a highly knowledgeable individual” Capgemini (EMS Internal Auditor)

“Excelís course fully met my expectations because it covered everything I guessed it would and has made me feel more confident with auditing. The tutor was excellent at delivering the course information in a practical, fun & confident manner. He was very good and made the course interesting and meaningful; clear and concise. Enjoyable Ė could relate to workplace scenarios” Stadco (ISO 16949 Internal Auditor)

“Excellent. I think we covered everything; we have used Excel before. The tutor was ace!” Bilfinger Salamis Inspection (BIS Inspection) (Measurement Uncertainty)

“A very well delivered course at a good pace, including well devised workshops used to incorporate the training information within the course. Excellent two days. Tutor was very good and engaging with good use of examples and knowledge base; kept the energy up really well” Ensafe Consultants (ISO 17020 Internal Auditor)

“Excellent. The course taught me what I needed to know and the tutor was excellent and engaging on a dry subject. The tutor was an excellent trainer and made the OHSAS 18001 course very enjoyable” Unilever (OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor)

“Very good. We were looking to training our staff to a good level of auditing. Tutor was very knowledgeable and easy to understand” Metro Rod (ISO 9001 Internal Auditor)

“We have used Excel before and their people are easy to talk to. Tutor was very good, knowledgeable and very helpful under pressure. He was good in using our processes as examples and this made it easier to learn” Pamargan Products Ltd (FMEA / APQP)

For customer reviews specific to each of our courses, please click on the relevant subject title.

Excel's Training Courses

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

OHSAS 18001 Management Systems

ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Management Systems

ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Management Systems

ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Body Management Systems

ISO 15189 Clinical/Medical Laboratory Management Systems

ISO 27001 Information Security

ISO 13485 for the Medical Device Industry

ISO 14791 Risk Analysis/FMEA for Medical Device Industry

TL 9000 Telecommunications Management Systems

Measurement & Calibration

Business Improvement

Course Accolades pre-2012

"Interesting course with some challenging scenarios. Good course for anyone involved in QMS auditing." DVLA

"A very informative course; delivered well and at a pace well measured for absorption. The tutor"s knowledge, explanations and de-briefs gave a good mental picture of how the process comes together to make a whole! I feel comfortable with the process and applying it as I develop the skills necessary." VOSA

"This was a very informative course. It was enjoyable with a good balance between case studies, practical examples and tutorial." Smith Detection Diagnostics

"An excellent course. Very detailed covering many aspects. The instructor was enthusiastic and able to maintain interest over the two days." Asbestos Laboratory Services

"One of the best courses I"ve been on!" Howco Metals Management

"Course tutor was very knowledgeable and was open to class discussions and learning.” The Co-Operative

"Very impressed!" Cable & Wireless

"The course was enjoyable and well-structured. Excel"s admin staff were very helpful and supportive and the tutor extremely knowledgeable, considerate and fair." Reflex & Allen

"The course was informative and included a wide variety of aspects which will be used and implemented into our business. The tutor was helpful, knowledgeable, fun and a pleasure to work with." St Ives Direct

"The course fully met my expectations because I needed just an overview and I obtained much more." Ericsson

"Highly recommended! The course tutor was able to present and explain the TS Auditing concept clearly and provided guidance on how to properly interpret and access the various situations." Methode Electronics Malta Ltd

"An excellent and professional course. The tutor was excellent at making such an intensive course enjoyable." Tata Steel

"I know 100% more than I did previously and the course tutor was excellent at imparting advice and getting the groups to engage." Chiltern Railways

"A worthwhile and informative course - a useful investment. Course provided a clear and precise understanding of auditing expectations and approach. A great tutor with a good understanding of the standards and how they apply to business.” GCX Corporation

"Excellent! The course tutor was not only very knowledgeable and informative, but also animated, diverse and exciting.” RDS Asbestos

"Excellent – very informative." GSM Automotive

“V.Good! I would recommend this to others." Faiveley Transport

"Great! Very in-depth course and workshops helped understanding. Gained a lot more knowledge." Biosil

"Very worthwhile! I came away with a much better understanding of ISO 14971 and how to apply it." Vascutek Ltd

"Delivered what we asked for." Endomagnetics

“Excellent! Tutor used good examples and made a dry subject interesting." BIS Inspection

"Brilliant! Well paced, informative and interesting. Tutor was very enthusiastic and energetic and gave lots of examples which added value to the course." Ensafe Consultants

"We chose Excel because of their knowledge of the Standards, practical experience and extensive training track record. More importantly, however, was the preparedness of Excel to not just propose their normal ISO type training, but to tailor this specifically to the existing Electrolux methods. Moreover the project came together in a most timely fashion and on budget." Electrolux

"Excel is very responsive to recognizing their customers’ needs.  An enjoyable experience.  My faith in external training has been rejuvenated.  The tutor helped inspire confidence to take the practical skills forward and apply them in the workplace." SCA Tuscarora

"Another excellent course that met all our requirements." Henkel Loctite Adhesives Ltd

"Very well put together course with excellent content.  First class delivery of a dry subject – made fun to participate in.  The tutor encouraged all attendees’ participation in a relaxed atmosphere." Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems 

"Definitely one of the best instructors I have had dealings with;  really kept the course interesting.The instructor presented the course in a competent, professional, relaxed and informative manner that aided the ability to learn."Remploy Ltd

"Invaluable course (Measurement Uncertainty).  The tutor made the course very exciting and delivered a very useful course which I thoroughly enjoyed." Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, The Netherlands

"Instructor perfect, interesting and well organized."Alcatel, Germany

"Excellent instructor, added fun to learning experience."Comverse Network Systems, Israel

"Excel has always delivered what was required, when required; they have a friendly informal approach while maintaining a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm in meeting specific QuEST Forum requirements." Celestica AMS

"We have used Excel as a training body for all ISO 9001 and TL 9000 training within the UK, and have been more than happy with the service provided." Motorola Computer Group

"The tutor kept the course interesting and 'fun'" Redwing Environmental Ltd

"Best prepared instructor I have ever had on a course - one who knew his subject very thoroughly" WABCO

"A very effectively delivered course which covered all the aspects of importance. Excellent presentation; clear and concise and all questions answered with relevant examples of implementation" Daventry Metal Products

"The Instructor was excellent. Very clear in explanations and encouraging class participation." Arcelor SSC UK, Wolverhampto

"Excellent course - well run on a potentially mind boggling subject!" BT

"Well delivered. A 'dry' subject delivered in a humorous and pleasant way. The tutor was very approachable and encouraged the debate which is essential to aid overall understanding." BT

"The tutor was very well prepared and knowledgeable on the subject matter. A well run and well organised course." BT

"An excellent course, very well presented by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor" Vehicle Cert. Agency

"I selected the course on Excel's reputation" SCA Tuscarora

"When I was getting concerns with my ability on some of the course notes, the instructor was very good at ensuring I was comfortable and reiterated points after class to help in my understanding" Metzeler Automotive

"Excel was chosen because of their reputation" Visteon Portuguesa

"Very well run. We got to the core of the subject matter using examples rather than 'checklist style' reading of the spec. This is key to actually applying the learning." Sun Microsystems

"A good, worthwhile course" Sun Microsystems

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The instructor set a relaxed learning environment and was expert in adapting to changing timescales to ensure we covered all of the material. Very approachable and open to questioning. " Sun Microsystems

"The instructor took time out to help me understand." Remploy

"A very intense course but the days passed quickly - a reflection on how the course was run; lots of participation and interesting, applicable information. Excellent!" Glacier Vandervell Bearings

"I was really impressed with how much I learnt in such a short time" Hygrade Chilled Foods

"The instructor encouraged participation, was light-hearted and made the course enjoyable" Remploy

"Really enjoyed the course and presentation style, language and overall course handling" SEWS-R Alba India

"I will recommend Excel Partnership to our training department for future use. The instructor conveyed his vast knowledge in an exciting and interesting manner. This course will be invaluable to me and my company. I cannot believe how much I have learned in less than a week!" Whitemountain Quarries Ltd

"I now feel comfortable about attending the ISO 14001 Internal Auditing course" Remploy

"The instructor made a dry subject interesting!" CIE

"Excellent! Managed to keep a fairly dry subject interesting for 2 days" CIE

"When will there be other courses?"SEWS-R Orastie

"An enjoyable 3 days and I feel more confident to do my job better after this course. Thank you!" SEWS-E

"Instructors were very willing to listen and explore opportunities and ideas" BT

"This course will deliver excellent knowledge for both TL requirements and measurements - very good." Harris Stratex Networks

"Very well organised and an interactive course, which is exactly what was needed. So much better than 13 hours of CBT! This course is suitable for all roles involved in TL 9000."BT Global Services

"A rather intensive course, however really interesting and helpful." Dow Italia - Divisione Commerciale

"The instructor was a master of his subject. Brilliant!" Bentley Motors

"This is a content intense course and Geoff has the ability to make it easy to follow and understand." Veterinary Medicines Directorate