ISO 9001:2015 – Reshaping the role of the auditor

Our short presentation highlights the key areas of knowledge and skills you will need to enhance or develop in order to audit against the new requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Attend our ISO 9001:2015 Transition Auditor training course for a full and comprehensive understanding. Read More

Transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 – meet the new requirements with confidence

View a taster of the major changes from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 so you can begin to prepare yourself to audit against the new requirements. Attend our ISO 9001:2015 Transition Auditor training course for a full and comprehensive understanding. Read More


ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020 & ISO 15189 - Guidance documents help to interpret these standards (June 2015)

BywaterExcel has compiled a selection of guidance documents to help organisations interpret specific aspects of the ISO laboratory and inspection standards, covering terminology, measurement, method validation and auditing. Read More

Integrated Management Systems – Are you reaping the benefits? (May 2015)

Streamlining your existing management systems into an integrated business management system will improve efficiency of audit activities and reduce duplication of effort. Read More

Advanced Product Quality Planning – Are you achieving market potential? (April 2015)

Originally developed and documented as an ‘automotive standard’ in the late 1980s, APQP is today, equally applicable in any organisation that needs to manage the introduction of new products and processes to satisfy customer requirements. Read More

ISO 9001:2015 – Revision Timeframe (April 2015)

With the revision of ISO 9001 still at its Draft International Standard (DIS) stage, the comment period is drawing to a close and feedback submitted will be reviewed, after which time a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) will be issued. Read More

ISO 14001:2015 Revision - Preparing for Change (Jan 2015)

The revision to ISO 14001:2015, the Environmental Management System standard, has experienced a delay in the process, though the publication for the revised standard is still anticipated to be September 2015. Read More

ISO 14001:2015 – The Revision Process so far: Preparing for the Changes & Implications (Nov 2014)

As an iemaSTS Registered Centre, Excel Partnership will be offering the 1-day IEMA Certified transition course: Making the Transition to ISO 14001:2015 – Understanding the requirements and implications of the new standard. With the standard in the DIS stage and a final review due in February 2015, organisations are looking to get ahead of the game. The Transition Course will enable organisations to get a clear view of what’s in the pipeline and the implications the changes may have on their management system. Read More

Excel Partnership announce merger with Bywater Training (Oct 2014)

Excel announce that, as of the New Year 2015, Excel Partnership is combining its Management Systems training and consultancy businesses with Bywater Training. Our combined Management Systems training and consultancy portfolio will be significantly enhanced both in terms of depth and breadth. Added to this we will now be able offer a wider selection of business improvement training and consultancy services across a broad range of organisational and technical disciplines including Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Contract Management, Strategy, Leadership and Management. Read More

Risk Management - Excel Partnership launch a foundation training course based on ISO 31000 (July 2014)

In response to an increasing interest in Risk Management, particularly in the light of the impending release in 2015 of the revised standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Excel has launched a 1-day ISO 31000 Fundamentals of Risk Management training course to complement its existing suite of programmes for Business Improvement. The Risk Management course will enable delegates to extend their current risk management knowledge (whether this is minimal or more extensive) and apply each stage of the risk assessment process to achieve a comfortable working knowledge to extend back into the workplace. Read More

Excel expands its geographical coverage to the North of England (June 2014)

Excel’s public courses are held in hotels across the country in carefully chosen venues so our customers have access to comfortable, quiet and convenient locations. We endeavour to deliver our training courses in locations which meet the needs of our customers and a recent review of Excel’s geographical coverage found that we were not visible in certain areas, particularly further north. Exploring a number of areas to re-establish our footing and ensure we are providing our customers with a broader range of geographical locations as possible, Excel will be delivering some of our core training courses in Chester and Newcastle from August. Read More

Annex SL – Making standards more compatible and business focused (May 2014)

Although Annex SL - Proposals for management system standards was primarily written to simplify the process of standards writing by publishing a framework for a generic management system, it will have huge benefits to business. Through a high level structure and common set of requirements and terminology, management system standards will become more compatible and consistent, enabling organisations a more fluid integration of discipline specific standards into their existing management system. Annex SL encourages a more holistic approach to managing business risks and opportunities, steering management systems to become more business focused and aligning them with the strategic direction of the business. Read More

ISO/IEC 17020:2012 One year until the March 2015 transition deadline – are you ready? (March 2014)

Inspection Bodies currently accredited to ISO/IEC 17020:1998 have just a year to go before they need to have successfully transferred to the revised 2012 standard. Accreditation Bodies are now only conducting assessments to the new standard and with autumn seemingly the general cut off for Accreditation Bodies to receive corrective actions, Inspection Bodies are being advised to plan ahead to ensure they give themselves enough time to implement and monitor the effectiveness of the new requirements and address any non-conformities raised during assessments. Read More

Usability Engineering - Excel Partnership expands its training course offering to the Medical Device Industry (February 2014)

The EU (and US) adopted BS EN 62366: Medical Devices – Application of Usability Engineering to Medical Devices into their regulatory frameworks, and amendments to the essential requirements relating to usability were introduced to the EU Medical Device Directive 2007/47/EC in 2010. Excel has launched a 1-day Usability Engineering training course to complement its existing suite of programmes for the Medical Device industry. The BS EN 62366 Usability Engineering course explores the stages of the Usability Engineering Process and allows delegates to extend their current risk management knowledge for medical devices. Read More

ISO 14001 Internal Audit Systems Under Scrutiny? (January 2014)

Many of the revisions currently being considered for the new issue of the ISO 14001 standard (due for release mid 2015) may have a significant impact on an organisation’s internal audit system. In response to customer needs, Excel has launched an additional 2-day EMS Internal Auditing course to complement its existing suite of Auditor programmes, which will enable delegates to benchmark and assess the integrity of their existing EMS internal audit systems. Read More

The move from CPA to UKAS Accreditation based upon ISO 15189:2012 (December 2013)

UKAS began the roll-out of the transition assessment process of CPA accredited laboratories in October 2013.  Laboratories currently accredited by CPA are now required to transition to UKAS accreditation under the ISO 15189:2012 standard for Medical Laboratories. Read More

The transition to ISO 27001:2013 – How the revisions impact existing management systems (November 2013)

With ISO 27001:2013 published in September, companies already certified to ISO 27001:2005 will be granted a 2-3 year transition period in which to revise their management system in line with the new requirements. Exploring some of the key changes to the standard, Excel identifies how the revisions may impact existing systems. Read More

ISO to Develop New Standard for H&S (September 2013)

Using OHSAS 18001 as a foundation, ISO have begun the process of developing a new management systems standard for Occupational Health & Safety. Read More

ISO 9001 Set for Revision (July 2013)

The Committee draft of the revision to the ISO 9001 standards, due for release in 2015, has been circulated for comment. Read More

A Step Towards 2015 - Update on the ISO 14001 Revisions (May 2013)

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assess ment, IEMA, have concluded their initial consultation process for revisions to ISO 14001, resulting in a range of key inputs to the development process. Read More

IRCA Change QMS Auditor Training Requirements (February 2013)

Excel are currently updating their IRCA certified Internal and Lead Auditor training courses to meet IRCA's new training course requirements to be implemented from 1st August 2013. The IRCA criteria now specify additional 'Prior Knowledge requirements' which candidates are expected to meet before attending the course. Read More

Excel updates their course for Medical Laboratories Training Course(November 2012)

With the release of ISO 15189:2012, Excel has revised its foundation course for Medical Laboratories, Ex108, to bring it in line with the new requirements. Read More

The 2012 Version of ISO/IEC 17020 is Released (March 2012)

With ISO/IEC 17020:2012 published in March 2012, as well as having revised their training courses, Excel have produced a downloadable document comparing the changes from the 1998 version to 2012 to support their customers during the transition. Read More

ISO 14001 Revision on the Horizon (March 2012)

ISO 14001 is under a revision process with its structure being targeted for the most significant change, putting environmental management at the core of an organisation rather than being seen as a 'bolt-on'. Read More

Excel Introduces a New Course for Medical Laboratories (March 2012)

ISO 15189:2012 is a management systems standard addressing the distinctive structure, operation and needs of medical laboratories. With Excel’s experience of delivering laboratory management systems auditor training, Excel felt well-placed to offer its customers a foundation course relating to this specific standard. Read More

Ensuring Best Practice in Auditing (October 2011)

With the release of ISO 19001:2011 - Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems, expected any day, Excel have taken a pro-active approach to review all their training programmes to ensure they cover the highest level of best practice for auditing. The changes to the standard will be transferred to Excel's customers during their training courses. Read More

Excel launch New Website (October 2011)

With the current economy and fast moving technology, Excel felt its customers were expecting - and deserved - a one-stop-shop website that reflected the way we deliver our training: energetic and fun with a long-lasting impact on our customers. Read More