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An Introduction to ISO 9001 and Quality Management
This document is intended to provide some background to the ISO 9000 series of documents and to explain some of the fundamental principles contained within them.
Changes to MSA Reference Manual Ver 4 vs Vers.3
The AIAG Measurement System analysis reference manual was updated on 10th June 2010. This document seeks to highlight the main changes to the document by reference to page numbers and paragraphs in version 3 of the manual.
Advanced Product Quality Planning 2nd Edition Changes
Latest updates to FMEA-4 and APQP-2
Management Systems Standards List
An introduction to the key management system standards that are currently in use and some information about what they relate to
ISO Standards Making
An overview of the process by which an ISO Standard is created describing how the standards are proposed, prepared, reviewed, published and reviewed
Why is there no ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard?
The history of occupational health and safety management systems standards in the UK is fairly tortuous, and this document has been prepared to explain the background to where we are now, and why there is currently no ISO standard on the subject
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Calibration Management System Checklist
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National Accreditation Bodies
A list of the National Accreditation bodies of countries around the world
International & Regional Standards Organisations
A list of International standards' organisations and regional related bodies
ISO/IEC 17020 1998 vs 2012 Comparison Document Order our free comparison of ISO/IEC 17020 1998 vs 2012 Comparison Document